[libvoikko] Small patch to HFST2 backend stuff

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Apr 6 21:18:19 EEST 2010

On Tuesday 06 April 2010, Flammie Pirinen wrote:
> I had little time on Easter holiday to work again on HFST's voikko
> integration so attached is a small patch I have successfully used with
> voikko for all hyphenation, spell-checking and suggestion generation.

Thanks. I applied the patch almost completely. I left out the part that 
touched configure.ac (-Wno-deprecated) and changed the copyright notices from 
the new files to have your name in them, not mine.

I did not test this yet at all. It seems that the suggestion generator was not 
added to SuggestionGeneratorFactory.cpp so it would not work out of the box. I 
can fix this once I have time to test it, probably at the end of this week. 
Same problem with hyphenator, I'll fix that too.

> I've also compiled TeX hyphenation patterns from hyph-utf8 distribution
> as HFST transducers that may be used for testing, the hunspell
> dictionaries/conversion however aren't yet fully functional. If anyone
> has the idea of legal status of hyph-utf8 of texlive, I can probably
> upload the transducers and whatever needed to our HFST download pages.

The original patterns appear to be from Kauko Saarinen. I believe they are in 
public domain although the history of these patterns (especially the hyph-utf8 
version) is really confusing:



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