[libvoikko] Setting up HFST morphology backend

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Tue Apr 27 00:05:17 EEST 2010

Den 26. apr. 2010 kl. 23.21 skrev Harri Pitkänen:

> On Monday 26 April 2010, Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>> One of the things I'm going to do - irrespective of which backend is used -
>> is to add voikko support for our proofing tools test bench. For that I
>> need some help with running voikkospell and voikkohyphenate, that is, I
>> need an overview of the command line options for the two commands. I could
>> not find anything online or in the documentation in svn.
> The tools have manual pages 


>> What I want to do:
>> - run a file containing one word pr line through the speller
>> - get back not only a simple C or W evalutation, but also - if W - the list
>> of suggestions, possibly with some weighting info as well
> "voikkospell -s" will give you the suggestions. Weighting info is calculated 
> internally but it cannot be printed at the moment.


>> The things I want to do are pretty straightforward, but not easy without
>> documentation (a simple -h / --help option would have been enough) ;)
> Good idea, I'll add these options.

:) (and a short sentence that there is more info in the man pages, to make sure I don't miss it next time;)


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