[libvoikko] Libvoikko 3.0pre1 available, plans for the near future

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Wed Apr 28 11:55:21 EEST 2010

Den 24. apr. 2010 kl. 11.13 skrev Harri Pitkänen:

> To help me make the right decision I'd like to ask everyone who has ever 
> tested libvoikko with some language other than Finnish to answer these 
> questions:
> 1) Which languages you tested?
> 2) Which backends and morphologies you used?
> 3) If there are Hunspell dictionaries available for these languages how did 
> libvoikko compare to Hunspell in terms of quality of spell checking, speed or 
> memory use?
> You may send your answers to me directly if you don't want to use this list. 
> The important thing is to get as many answers as possible so that I can get a 
> good picture on how many people are working on these things and whether there 
> are languages that are reaching release quality within this year or so. At the 
> moment things are not looking too good, I don't know for sure if anyone other 
> than me has ever actually tested these. I'll publish a summary of all answers 
> I get in a week or so.

We are trying to set up libvoikko with the hfst backend, and test it with the Sámi morphologies. So far we have not been successful (see my other e-mails).

That being said, I would like to emphasize that two of the Sámi morphologies are already release quality (except the licensing issue, which we are working on), and that it is important to us to get both the Sámi morphologies and the HFST backend properly integrated with libvoikko as soon as possible. Also the hyphenation part would need proper inclusion rather soon.

We have hunspell versions of our speller lexicons for these two languages, and we will conduct such speed and memory (and other) comparisons as you requested as soon as we can get the HFST backend to play on our computers.

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