[libvoikko] Wiki pages related to libvoikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Wed Feb 24 20:55:06 EET 2010

A few days ago I enabled SourceForge Trac feature for Voikko. Currently only 
Trac wiki is used but soon we will start using the ticket feature too. It will 
replace SourceForge tracker for bug reporting.

I wrote two pages related to libvoikko. One containing my plans for the next 


and another listing issues I have found while investigating some of the 
morphologies that have been proposed for use in libvoikko


There should be nothing new on these pages that has not yet been mentioned on 
this list or elsewhere. Maybe it is still useful to have this information in 
one place. Perhaps the only "new" thing is moving HFST integration to 
libvoikko 3.1. This is not a final decision. I just believe that given the 
current release schedule of libvoikko and the large changes being made in HFST 
it is better for me to concentrate on fixing issues that affect Finnish users 
the most. Patches for HFST related changes are still accepted and will be 
merged quickly if someone is interested in having the integration happen 


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