[libvoikko] Wiki pages related to libvoikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Wed Feb 24 23:21:47 EET 2010

On Wednesday 24 February 2010 20:12:49 Francis Tyers wrote:
> There are more HFST based morphologies in the Giellatekno SVN:
>   https://victorio.uit.no/langtech/trunk/st
> At least the 'fao' and 'kal' would be usable I think -- although 'kal'
> is with Foma, not HFST 'proper'.

There appears to be licensing issues with both of them. Fao does not seem to 
have any copyright information in it, kal has copyright notice in one file 
(src/twol-kal.txt) and that seems to indicate the file being proprietary 
source from Lingsoft, not GPL.

Initial quality of implementation is not so important to me, but licensing 
must be clear from the beginning so that I know wee can safely distribute the 
material under a free license. Hopefully these issues can be resolved easily 
by providing a list of copyright holders and an explicit license text along 
with the source files.

Although I have not tested it yet, Foma seems to be OK as a backend library as 
its license is compatible with libvoikko even if it would not be compatible 
with the rest of HFST.


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