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Francis Tyers ftyers at prompsit.com
Wed Feb 24 22:57:59 EET 2010

El dc 24 de 02 de 2010 a les 23:54 +0200, en/na Harri Pitkänen va
> On Wednesday 24 February 2010 22:29:06 Francis Tyers wrote:
> > How hard would it be to add another backend library to libvoikko ? We
> > have quite a few analysers in the Apertium project (with explicit GPL
> > licensing -- mostly v2 or later), it would be interesting to be able to
> > include them. Here is a code snippet that calls the library for a given
> > (platform-independent compiled binary):
> For simple needs (spell checking without character case checks and no spelling 
> suggestions, language alphabet is completely within Latin Extended-A or lower 
> Unicode ranges), it is quite easy, only a few hours of work. Anything more 
> than that requires more work. See src/morphology/HfstAnalyzer.cpp for an 
> example.
> If I remember correctly, Apertium is already in Debian. I could take a look 
> next week and see what can be done.

Yep, the package you need is 'lttoolbox' (and the dev package), I'm the
maintainer so you can ask any questions to me (or to the apertium-stuff

If you don't get time next week I'll give it a shot...


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