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Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Thu Feb 25 02:47:53 EET 2010

2010-02-24, Harri Pitkänen sanoi:

> Perhaps the only "new" thing is moving
> HFST integration to libvoikko 3.1. This is not a final decision. I
> just believe that given the current release schedule of libvoikko and
> the large changes being made in HFST it is better for me to
> concentrate on fixing issues that affect Finnish users the most.
> Patches for HFST related changes are still accepted and will be
> merged quickly if someone is interested in having the integration
> happen sooner.

The slower integration plan is fine by me, as I wouldn't really mind
having the actual optimized library usable for voikko instead of the
heavyweight library with my leaking code.

...however for purpose of testing and integrating the international
voikko I've attached a mostly untested patch, pieced together from
throwaway code I used for experimentation of hyphenation and suggestion
algorithms (it's basically copy pasted from this batch testing command
line tool
it's the same tool that produces my comparison tables in omorfi site).

I assume you may find it usable even with its memory leaks and
performance issues. It includes a suggestion of FST implementation of
suggestion mechanism I am currently writing a paper or tech doc about.
As it seems fast enough to be usable on my acer aspire one I believe it
is one correct way to implement extendable language specific modules
for the suggestion algorithm (it's also easily convertable from hunspell
confusion tables). It is most likely not usable as is, but it compiles
and I hope it gives you a clue of its purpose. Also, the spelling part
seemingly works, at least strace tells me it loads the transducers

Flammie, computer scientist bachelor, linguist master, free software
Finnish localiser, and more! <http://www.iki.fi/flammie/>
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