[libvoikko] [Apertium-stuff] Lttoolbox (Apertium) morphology backend

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Feb 28 11:00:44 EET 2010

On Sunday 28 February 2010, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
> I think this should be
> http://apertium.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apertium/trunk/apertium-br-fr/a
> pertium-br-fr.br.dix for Breton (and not of the translational dictionary)
>  ;-)

There appears to be some differences between these dictionaries. This Breton 
dictionary required one line to be removed from its source before it compiled, 
but it still did not work at all with Voikko. Probably analysis results for 
unknown words were represented differently than in the example dictionary.

One English dictionary I tested worked partially. Voikko accepted any word 
that started with a valid English word but ignored any garbage at the end.

However the Icelandic dictionary seems to work quite well. Here is a 
screenshot from OpenOffice.org showing the first few paragraphs from 
Landnámabók (http://www.snerpa.is/net/snorri/landnama.htm)


I don't know Icelandic at all and therefore can't tell whether some of the 
words are accepted or rejected incorrectly.

- Checking initial capitalization does not work but that was expected since I 
did not implement such checking yet.
- Perhaps there are some old words that are no longer in use.
- Text language has been configured to Finnish which causes OOo to consider 
some Icelandic letters as word separators. This leads to some words being only 
partially underlined. Assuming that breakiterator configuration for Icelandic 
is correct in OOo, this should not happen after we allow openoffice.org-voikko 
to act as a spell checker for Icelandic text.


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