[libvoikko] Test cases for libvoikko/HFST needed

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Sun Jan 17 19:53:51 EET 2010

Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti 17.1.2010 kello 19.19:

> In order to make sure that the work needed for supporting multiple  
> languages
> is not priorised too high I would like to have actual dictionaries  
> available
> for at least two languages. Finnish is of course already supported,  
> so just
> one other language would be enough. What I need is
> - Morphology licensed fully under a free license. Quality does not  
> matter
> much, but it should be actively maintained and either usable or at  
> least
> slowly becoming usable.

I hope that at some point of year I will be able to create tools to  
compile traditional hunspell and maybe aspell or ispell dictionaries  
to HFST transducers which could be ideal for testing. Waiting that I  
think there should be some amount of lexc/twolc/xfst style  
morphologies available. The sámi languages Francis mentioned are one  
good resource.

> - Analyzer implementation for libvoikko. I guess current  
> HfstAnalyzer will
> work with small changes. Separate speller implementation can be  
> provided (or
> HfstSpeller can be used).

I'll try to get flag diacritics and other cruft included soonish as  
well :-)

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