[libvoikko] Test cases for libvoikko/HFST needed

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Jan 18 21:26:44 EET 2010

On Monday 18 January 2010, Francis Tyers wrote:
> > - Provide Debian packages for HFST and Sámi morphology.
> I am happy to help with the Debian side of things -- I already maintain
> the Apertium packages for Debian. Is this necessary immediately, or
> would it be better to be done when the rest is completed ?

It is not strictly necessary but will help. Note that the packages do not yet 
need to be officially in Debian. If we can just get the debian directory 
somewhere in a public svn/git repository I will be able to use makevoikkodeb 
(trunk/debian/tools/makevoikkodeb in Voikko SVN) to build the packages.

We maintain Debian directories for development versions of libvoikko and 
related tools in our SVN so that we can easily build experimental versions of 
the tools. It will also make things easier for our testers (many of us are 
using Debian or Ubuntu).


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