[libvoikko] Libvoikko 2.3rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat Jan 30 18:00:59 EET 2010

Libvoikko 2.3rc1, the first releases candidate for 2.3, is available at


Notable changes after version 2.2 include
 - Dependency on glib has been removed.
 - Malaga implementation has been optimized.
 - More detailed results from morphological analysis (requires Suomi-malaga
 - Support for Python 3 has been added.
 - Whitespace characters are no longer accepted at the start or
   end of the word.
 - Various small bug fixes in grammar checking, morphological analysis
   and Python API.

Version 2.3rc1 has been released to allow interested users and distributors to 
test the new library before final release of 2.3. Please test it and report 
any issues you find by replying to this message. If no problems are found from 
this release candidate I will release the final version on Monday 2010-02-08.

Note that after version 2.3 has been released, bug fix releases (2.3.x) are 
only released to fix major bugs on Linux platform. Minor bugs or bugs 
affecting other operating systems are postponed to next available release.


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