[libvoikko] Libvoikko 2.3rc1

Marko Wallin marko.wallin at iki.fi
Sun Jan 31 17:36:49 EET 2010

31.1.2010 13.21, Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti:
> On Sunday 31 January 2010, Marko Wallin wrote:
>> Now make install gives the following error:
>> Undefined symbols:
>>   "_libiconv_open", referenced from:
> OK, I can see the problem here. We fail to link against libiconv on OS X 
> because it is no longer implicitly available after dependency on glib was 
> removed.
> There are at least three ways to solve this problem:
> 1) Modify configure.ac to explicitly add -liconv on OS X.

I see,
I didn't write a patch to do that but added LDFLAGS="-liconv" to make
install which did the trick.

I quickly tested mozvoikko with libvoikko 2.3rc1 and now it seems to
work out of the box also on OS X. Previously you had to place needed
libs (glib, libiconv etc.) to /usr/local/lib.

// Marko

> 2) Add conditional code to voikko_ucs4tocstr and voikko_cstrtoucs4 to convert
>    to/from UTF-8 using some other method if iconv is not available.
> 3) Wait until libvoikko 3.0 where support for encodings other than UTF-8 will
>    be removed which will allow us to remove all use of iconv.
> I would accept a patch that implements 1) if someone can write and test it.
> Harri

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