[libvoikko] Sámi/HFST , anything new?

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Wed Jun 2 12:05:53 EEST 2010

[Luckily my previous lengthy rant was eaten by bitspace, so I'll repeat
the key point without rambling]

2010-06-02, Harri Pitkänen sanoi:

> On Wednesday 02 June 2010, Krister Lindén wrote:
> > The HFST library can very well continue to be released under GPL2
> > as a whole.
> Does this include implementations/openfst-1.1 too? It is under the
> Apache license. Common interpretation of the licenses is that you
> can't release Apache licensed code under GPL2 unless the authors of
> the Apache licensed code (in this case Google and at least two
> independent contributors) have explicitly agreed to it.

GPLv2 or at your opinion any later version can be interpreted as GPLv3
if someone wants to take the incompatibility of GPLv2 vs. Apache 2

Furthermore openfst is copied verbatim from the distribution
and merely linked, currently statically, to libhfst. If this appears to
be problematic we should probably finally take the time move it to
dynamic linking and unbundle and require end users to have openfst
libraries and headers installed. 

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