[libvoikko] Sámi/HFST , anything new?

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Wed Jun 2 19:46:44 EEST 2010

2010-06-02, Sjur Moshagen sanoi:

> Den 2. jun. 2010 kl. 18.10 skrev Flammie Pirinen:
> >>  Users could then install the
> >> morphologies manually or distributions could include HFST 2 and
> >> those morphologies that can be built with it. But naturally this
> >> would not be an ideal solution.
> > 
> > Yes and as said, target is indeed to have voikko link libhfstol
> > only, which also works around this problem.
> Sorry if I misunderstand something, but AFAIU, it is generally a
> requirement in many FLOSS context, especially GPL, that the source
> code is included and buildable using tools with compatible licenses.

Well, regardless of legal stuff that would be according to the spirit
of GNU GPL to have all pieces replaceable and easy to tinker with. I
could suppose different versions of HFST will fulfill this more or
less, even if not all versions are redistributable. I mean best we can
do, assuming conflicting licence stuff will stay in external backend
libraries, is to make all backends external and optional, so
distribution makers, who actually deal with binary redistribution, can
disable the conflicting set of backend libraries as they see fit.
Because AFAIK the only problem with this licence conflict is about
redistribution of binaries.

But I don't know if this discussion really is on topic here or going
anywhere. Maybe if it needs to be carried on, the newly-born
hfst-development at lists.sourceforge.net would be more appropriate?

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