[libvoikko] Sámi/HFST

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Wed Jun 30 11:56:53 EEST 2010

On Wednesday 30 June 2010, Flammie Pirinen wrote:
> 2010-06-29, Harri Pitkänen sanoi:
> > It appears that there is something that causes trouble when more than
> > one HFST backend is used simultaneously.
> Does using r461 version from branches/hfst2 solve the problem?

Thanks, it does solve the problem when HFST speller and suggestion backends 
are used together. Enabling HFST morphology backend still causes a crash with 
similar backtrace as before.

For me it is sufficient to be able to use speller and suggestion backends. It 
should allow me to proceed towards making Sámi show up as a real language in 
libvoikko and OpenOffice.org-voikko instead of Finnish variant. For morphology 
I can wait for the optimized lookup library.


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