[libvoikko] Test results for libvoikko 3.0rc1 on Windows XP

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat May 15 17:04:42 EEST 2010

I tested libvoikko 3.0rc1 on Windows XP with MSVC 2008. There were no build 
errors but tests failed completely. Voikkotest did not even pass the basic 
spelling tests without crashing, and before the crash there were several 
failed tests.

I have not investigated the reason for the failing tests. It could be that the 
test suite needs modifications to run correctly on Windows or there is an 
actual bug in the library. Running voikkotest has never been attempted before 
on Windows (as far as I know) so we don't know if this is a new or old 

This does not affect the release of libvoikko 3.0 since Windows is not really 
supported anyway.


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