[libvoikko] libvoikko 3.0 released

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu May 27 18:23:02 EEST 2010

Libvoikko 3.0 has been released. Sources and release notes are available from 
SourceForge. I have attached the release notes at the end of this message for 
you convenience.

Plans and progress for the next 6 months, including libvoikko 3.1, can be 
followed in Trac roadmap:

  https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/voikko/milestone/Milestone 2

Not many tickets have been added there yet. I will add some soon but there is 
still room for more. If you have ideas that you think should be implemented 
before the end of November there is still time to suggest them.


Libvoikko 3.0 (2010-05-27)

This version requires Suomi-malaga 1.4 or later. After version 2.3.1 the 
following notable changes have been made:

    * New thread safe API has been added that allows unlimited number of 
dictionaries to be opened and used simultaneously. In order to maintain 
compatibility with previous versions the old API is still available. It is 
now possible to open up to four dictionaries using the old API but this is 
not completely thread safe and therefore not recommended. Defining macro 
VOIKKO_NO_DEPRECATED_API before including voikko.h disables most of the old 
API and can be used to help porting the applications to the new API. The 
macro should not be used in released software.
    * BCP 47 language tags are used to identify languages and language 
variants in the new API. Only Finnish (with variants) is supported in this 
release but many changes have been made that will eventually allow adding 
support for other languages.
    * Experimental Lttoolbox backend has been added and HFST backend has been 
    * Hyphenator and spelling suggestion code has been reworked to support 
alternative implementations.
    * Option VOIKKO_OPT_IGNORE_NUMBERS no longer affect spelling suggestions, 
just spell checking.
    * Deprecated option VOIKKO_OPT_ENCODING is now ignored. It never worked 
consistently across different platforms and names of acceptable encodings 
were not documented. UTF-8 is now the only supported narrow character string 
encoding. With this change dependency on iconv has been removed.
    * Option VOIKKO_INTERSECT_COMPOUND_LEVEL is now ignored since implementing 
it in alternative hyphenators would have been unreasonably difficult. The 
option was not known to be used in any application and ignoring it does not 
affect hyphenation results in a significant way.
    * Various improvements have been made in grammar checker. Most notably 
number of false positives from capitalization checks should be reduced.
    * Testing tools have been improved. On platforms that support Posix 
threads voikkospell can take advantage of multiple CPU cores to significantly 
improve processing times for large lists of input words.

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