[libvoikko] libvoikko 3.1rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Nov 8 18:19:17 EET 2010

First release candidate for libvoikko 3.1 is available at


3.1rc1 is exactly same as 3.1pre7 so those who have installed that version do 
not need to anything at this point.

Most changes in this release are for Finnish grammar checking and related 
stuff. I sent a more detailed message about these changes to the Finnish 
mailing list two weeks ago. Interesting changes for international use are

 * API and command line option for retrieving version numbers for libvoikko
   and test tools.
 * Support for specifying language of provided morphology. With version
   3.0 it was still necessary to use language codes like "fi-x-sme", now
   you can just use "se" or "se-x-standard".
 * Removal of some Finnish specific tweaks from common speller code
 * Experimental --disable-malaga option for disabling the Malaga backend

3.1 will be released in about one week unless problems are found that need to 
be fixed.

If you want to test the Finnish features it is recommended to use Suomi-malaga 
from SVN trunk. Released versions of Suomi-malaga can also be used but most of 
the new features and fixes are not effective unless you have a more recent 
version. New version of Suomi-malaga will also be released quite soon.


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