[libvoikko] Request for info: languages and spell checking in openoffice.org-voikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu Feb 10 19:48:42 EET 2011

On Wednesday 02 February 2011, Flammie Pirinen wrote:
> I could assume other finite-state
> morphologies in <https://victorio.uit.no/langtech/trunk/> should be
> usable, such as Northern Sámi (se), but maybe others can comment on
> that.

I added all Sámi languages. Other languages seemed to be either already 
supported or did not yet have locale data in LibreOffice.

> The hunspell-dictionaries I've worked on converting should be usable.
> In current working dir I have:

Added all of those except

 - latin or cyrillic?
 - Gascon does not have ISO language code, it shares "oci" with other Occitan
   dialects. What should we use here?
 - Does not seem to have a locale in OOo/LibO
 - latin or cyrillic?

The full list of supported languages is available at


and also listed at the end of this message. If something important is still 
missing, let me know.


Format: BCP47, OOo language, OOo region

	{"af", "af", "NA"},
	{"af", "af", "ZA"},
	{"am", "am", "ET"},
	{"ar", "ar", "AE"},
	{"ar", "ar", "BH"},
	{"ar", "ar", "DJ"},
	{"ar", "ar", "DZ"},
	{"ar", "ar", "EG"},
	{"ar", "ar", "ER"},
	{"ar", "ar", "IL"},
	{"ar", "ar", "IQ"},
	{"ar", "ar", "JO"},
	{"ar", "ar", "KM"},
	{"ar", "ar", "KW"},
	{"ar", "ar", "LB"},
	{"ar", "ar", "LY"},
	{"ar", "ar", "MA"},
	{"ar", "ar", "MR"},
	{"ar", "ar", "OM"},
	{"ar", "ar", "PS"},
	{"ar", "ar", "QA"},
	{"ar", "ar", "SA"},
	{"ar", "ar", "SD"},
	{"ar", "ar", "SO"},
	{"ar", "ar", "SY"},
	{"ar", "ar", "TD"},
	{"ar", "ar", "TN"},
	{"ar", "ar", "YE"},
	{"bn", "bn", "BD"},
	{"bn", "bn", "IN"},
	{"ca", "ca", "AD"},
	{"ca", "ca", "ES"},
	{"cs", "cs", "CZ"},
	{"csb", "csb", "PL"},
	{"cy", "cy", "GB"},
	{"de", "de", "DE"},
	{"de-AT", "de", "AT"},
	{"de-BE", "de", "BE"},
	{"de-CH", "de", "CH"},
	{"de-LU", "de", "LU"},
	{"el", "el", "GR"},
	{"en-US", "en", "US"},
	{"en-US", "en", "ZA"},
	{"eo", "eo", ""},
	{"es", "es", "ES"},
	{"es-MX", "es", "MX"},
	{"et", "et", "EE"},
	{"fa", "fa", "IR"},
	{"fi", "fi", "FI"},
	{"fo", "fo", "FO"},
	{"fr", "fr", "FR"},
	{"fr-BE", "fr", "BE"},
	{"fr-CA", "fr", "CA"},
	{"fr-CH", "fr", "CH"},
	{"fr-LU", "fr", "LU"},
	{"fr-MC", "fr", "MC"},
	{"fur", "fur", "IT"},
	{"fy", "fy", "NL"},
	{"ga", "ga", "IE"},
	{"gd", "gd", "GB"},
	{"gu", "gu", "IN"},
	{"he", "he", "IL"},
	{"hi", "hi", "IN"},
	{"hr", "hr", "BA"},
	{"hr", "hr", "HR"},
	{"hu", "hu", "HU"},
	{"ia", "ia", ""},
	{"id", "id", "ID"},
	{"is", "is", "IS"},
	{"it", "it", "CH"},
	{"it", "it", "IT"},
	{"kl", "kl", "GL"},
	{"ku", "ku", "TR"},
	{"ku", "ku", "SY"},
	{"la", "la", "VA"},
	{"ln", "ln", "CD"},
	{"lt", "lt", "LT"},
	{"mk", "mk", "MK"},
	{"ml", "ml", "IN"},
	{"ms", "ms", ""},
	{"ms", "ms", "BN"},
	{"ms", "ms", "MY"},
	{"ne", "ne", "IN"},
	{"ne", "ne", "NP"},
	{"nl", "nl", "BE"},
	{"nl", "nl", "NL"},
	{"nr", "nr", "ZA"},
	{"nso", "ns", "ZA"},
	{"nso", "nso", "ZA"},
	{"ny", "ny", "MW"},
	{"oc", "oc", "FR"},
	{"or", "or", "IN"},
	{"pa", "pa", "IN"},
	{"pa", "pa", "PK"},
	{"pl", "pl", "PL"},
	{"pt", "pt", "PT"},
	{"pt-BR", "pt", "BR"},
	{"qu", "qu", "BO"},
	{"qu", "qu", "EC"},
	{"qu", "qu", "PE"},
	{"ro", "ro", "MD"},
	{"ro", "ro", "RO"},
	{"ru", "ru", "RU"},
	{"rw", "rw", "RW"},
	{"se", "se", "FI"},
	{"se", "se", "NO"},
	{"se", "se", "SE"},
	{"sk", "sk", "SK"},
	{"sl", "sl", "SI"},
	{"sma", "sma", "NO"},
	{"sma", "sma", "SE"},
	{"smj", "smj", "NO"},
	{"smj", "smj", "SE"},
	{"smn", "smn", "FI"},
	{"sms", "sms", "FI"},
	{"ss", "ss", "ZA"},
	{"st", "st", "ZA"},
	{"sv", "sv", "FI"},
	{"sv", "sv", "SE"},
	{"sw", "sw", "KE"},
	{"sw", "sw", "TZ"},
	{"ta", "ta", "IN"},
	{"tet", "tet", "ID"},
	{"tet", "tet", "TL"},
	{"tl", "tl", "PH"},
	{"tn", "tn", "BW"},
	{"tn", "tn", "ZA"},
	{"ts", "ts", "ZA"},
	{"uk", "uk", "UA"},
	{"vi", "vi", "VN"},
	{"xh", "xh", "ZA"},

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