[libvoikko] libreoffice-voikko 3.2rc1

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Mon Feb 14 00:14:13 EET 2011

Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti 13.2.2011 kello 21.15:

> I don't see any problems with modifying the logo. The sources come  
> with source
> svg file (oxt/icon.svg) so it is easy to remove the Finnish flag.  
> Other files
> containing references to Finnish are oxt/description.xml.template  
> and the
> license files oxt/license_*.txt (only needed for standalone  
> distribution). You
> might also want to provide translations for some translatable stuff.

oxt/* is what I've been modifying with prototypes already. There's  
also properties that show in I think extension manager and maybe even  
settings page? Translations are of course also needed for language  
support, but that's relatively easy at the moment.

Also, I didn't seem to get os x version to work without switching the  
standalone option in Makefile, so I suppose licences are necessary as  
well. I don't think I got them to display though, maybe it only  
triggers when autoinstalled?

> One technical issue that complicates support for multiple languages  
> is that
> you cannot install simultaneously more than one version of this  
> extension.
> This is not a problem on Linux but on Windows or OS X this is a bit  
> more
> complicated:
> - One option is to put all dictionaries in one extension. Could  
> become quite
> large if you want to support many languages.
> - Another is that you provide separate extension for each language  
> and provide
> additional dictionary packs for the cases when someone needs to  
> check more
> than one language through Voikko.
> - Or provide a simple web interface where user can choose which  
> languages
> should be included and the extension is created on the fly to  
> contain just
> those languages.
> - Or we could just develop a better way of installing these things  
> on these
> platforms, one that would help Firefox users too.

With my work macbook I have two HFST dictionaries, omorfi ans  
greenlandic, which seems to work, so my initial impression would be  
that the dictionaries can be distributed much in the same way as  
hunspell ones. For linux world it's easy to imagine distros with  
language packages and dictionaries. For other systems, any of the  
options above seems reasonable. One other scheme I've thought in  
conjunction with zhfst format is small dictionary manager which could  
provide one-click installation of dictionaries from the web and for  
example autoupdate for those?

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