[libvoikko] ooovoikko+hfst+dictionaries packages (was: Re: libreoffice-voikko 3.2rc1)

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Mon Feb 21 19:31:03 EET 2011

Sjur Moshagen kirjoitti 18.2.2011 kello 21.16:

> Den 17. feb. 2011 kl. 13.40 skrev Flammie Pirinen:

>>  In standalone version for mac here <http://www.helsinki.fi/~tapirine/tmp/voikko-kl-macosx-x86-static.oxt 
>> > I went as far as statically linking the libraries.
> This version works. It does need a lot of time to start up, but  
> seems to function as it should otherwise.

Thanks for this, we now have at least a method to create ooovoikko+hfst 
+dictionaries as standalone plugins for mac os x and linux systems.  
I've been trying to get windows version to work as well, but it  
doesn't seem to work for me and I have no skills to debug stuff on  
windows. AFAICS it doesn't even start to load the automata but  
recognises the configuration, so probably hfst bug here. (broken  
version similarly at <http://www.helsinki.fi/~tapirine/tmp/voikko-kl-win32.oxt 

The long startup is specific to greenlandic, since the dictionary is  
still over 100 megs, mere reading from the disk may easily take  
several seconds and currently it hangs the process during that time.  
I've been meaning to fix this but haven't got around doing it yet.

All in all if we get the windows port functioning, I think these  
bundles of ooovoikko and selected dictionaries may be good for average  
end users. The advanced end users and linux distributions may opt for  
separated libraries, plugins and dictionaries. 

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