[libvoikko] Workaround for a crash in libvoikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Nov 13 20:29:06 EET 2011

There appears to be a bug in libvoikko that can cause crashes in grammar 
checker. Systems where Suomi-malaga 1.10 is installed seem to be affected by 
this. Likely older versions have similar issues that just have not been 

If you are distributing libvoikko + Suomi-malaga 1.10 and use the grammar 
checker, please check if checking string "joustavaksi vastaanottamaan" causes 
a crash for you. This can be done by pasting it in an empty document in 
LibreOffice or running the command

  echo "joustavaksi vastaanottamaan" | voikkogc

The actual bug is within the Malaga virtual machine. It seems to be the same 
bug I was investigating a year ago. At that time I failed to reproduce the bug 
in a way that could have helped fixing it.

Distributors that need a fix soon can increase Malaga heap size with the 
following trivial patch:


I will try to come up with a proper fix and then release libvoikko 3.3.2 with 
it. Unfortunately the real fix may not be safe and simple and thus this 
workaround might be better for most of you.


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