[libvoikko] Libvoikko 3.4rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Nov 29 22:32:44 EET 2011

Libvoikko 3.4rc1 is available for testing:


Instead of releasing 3.3.2 with the workaround for crash in grammar
checker I chose to skip the release and go for early 3.4 release instead.
The bug was not a regression, not relevant for security and there was no
proof of many people seeing it in real use.

Still, I recommend applying the original workaround in case you have
already packaged 3.3.1, need the grammar checking and cannot wait for 3.4
to be released.

3.4 contains improvements to Finnish grammar checker. There are no other
significant changes. I will write more about the changes to the Finnish
list but not today.


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