[libvoikko] voikkospell segmentation fault + Sámi+hfst questions

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Mon Sep 5 10:56:01 EEST 2011


I'm trying to get voikkospell working for the Sámi languages. According to earlier posts on this list it should work just fine, but since the documentation is a bit minimalistic in some areas, I am going by trying and failing. This has led me to provoke a segmentation fault:

$ voikkospell -l
fi-x-standard: Voikon perussanasto
fi-x-hfst: Kokeellinen HFST-morfologia
se-x-hfst: Ei prøve på samisk hfst-morfologi

$ voikkospell -s -d se-x-hfst
Segmentation fault

The thing that triggered the segfault was that I removed a couple of lines from the voikko-fi_FI.pro file. The complete content which triggered the segfault was:

info: Voikko-Dictionary-Format: 2
info: Language-Code: se_NO
info: Language-Variant: hfst
info: Description: Ei prøve på samisk hfst-morfologi
info: Speller-Backend: hfst
info: Suggestion-Backend: hfst

That is, I removed the lines for analysis and hyphenation, because I only have speller transducers ATM. => Segmentation fault.

Part of the problem here is that I can't find any documentation on the content of this file. Exactly what is needed, what are the alternative values for each line, etc.

[reading more old emails from this list...]

It seems I should not remove these lines, but instead set the value to 'null'.

In June last year there was a long discussion on getting Sámi working as a real language (and not a variant of FI) using the HFST backend. What exactly is the status on that now? What exactly is required for this setup to work? What transducers are needed, and how should the files be named?


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