[libvoikko] Libvoikko compiled for Android

"Harri Pitkänen" hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Aug 14 22:53:02 EEST 2012

ma 13.8.2012 23:47 Flammie Pirinen kirjoitti:
> The r2608 of trunk hfst-ospell should have working --enable-zhfst and
> --enable-xml switches.

Thanks! I needed just one small additional change (at the end of this
message). With that HFST backend now builds on Android.

Configuration of Droidvoikko in Git has now all backends enabled. For
build you need to copy sources of hfst-ospell under jni/hfst.

This is still completely untested since the computer where I have the
Android emulator is in other use right now. I will test this later (maybe
tomorrow) and let you know if it works.


Index: hfst-ospell/ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata.cc
--- hfst-ospell/ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata.cc     (revision 2611)
+++ hfst-ospell/ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata.cc     (working copy)
@@ -518,10 +518,10 @@
-    ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata::read_xml(const void*, size_t)
+    ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata::read_xml(const char*, size_t)
-    ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata::read_xml(const char*)
+    ZHfstOspellerXmlMetadata::read_xml(const string&)
 #endif // HAVE_LIBXML

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