[libvoikko] Libvoikko compiled for Android

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Sun Aug 19 21:50:34 EEST 2012

2012-08-18, Harri Pitkänen sanoi:

> On Tuesday 14 August 2012, Harri Pitkänen wrote:
> > This is still completely untested since the computer where I have
> > the Android emulator is in other use right now. I will test this
> > later (maybe tomorrow) and let you know if it works.
> It did not work. But then I tried it on a normal Linux system and the
> program crashes with AlphabetTranslationException. Maybe I have bad
> transducers or something? Could you upload transducers that are known
> to work with this code somewhere so I could try again.

If HFST tools are installed the hfst-ospell build should be able to
generate very trivial test for single word dictionary and single path
corrections. Otherwise, the ones that I have used the last are in our
sf.net download pages
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/hfst/files/spell-transducers/>, as
should be expected, unzip to get the actual automata. I'll have to
check them again when I get back but I think those are the exact
versions I used to test the new code.

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