[libvoikko] VFST speller and Sami support for Android

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Tue Aug 21 18:53:02 EEST 2012

Excellent, thank you!

Den 21. aug 2012 kl. 18:26 skrev Harri Pitkänen:

> Libvoikko has now a simple VFST speller implementation. Just convert a HFST 
> acceptor into VFST format
>  hfst-fst2txt -D acceptor.default.hfstol | voikkovfstc -o spl.vfst
> and specify "info: Speller-Backend: vfst" in the configuration. Suggestion 
> backend should be "none".
> With this enabled I got spell checker for Sami working in the Android 
> emulator. See this screenshot:
>  http://www.puimula.org/htp/tmp/android-sme.png
> Spelling suggestions are not supported but other than that it looks quite 
> good.

It looks very nice indeed:)

> I have not compared VFST and HFST spellers to see if the new VFST speller even 
> works correctly with larger test material or how fast it is.

It would be interesting to know.

Thanks again :)


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