[libvoikko] Sources moved to Github, wiki will follow

"Harri Pitkänen" hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Jul 1 12:46:03 EEST 2012

Source code previously hosted on SourceForge has now been moved to Git:


Most top level directories under SVN trunk have their own repository now.
The exception is "corevoikko" repository which contains libvoikko,
Suomi-malaga and related development tools and tests.

If you have used Trac to follow changes made to the SVN repository you can
get roughly similar information from CIA:


Wiki pages from Trac are being moved and instructions adapted for Git.
This is still in progress but eventually all information can be found from


Patches against the new repositories can be submitted to this mailing
list, preferably by attaching the output of "git format-patch" to the
message. Using forks and pull requests (on GitHub or elsewhere) is fine as

The first real development within Git has been making Clang (version 3.1)
a supported compiler for libvoikko. I have checked that libvoikko built
with Clang passes all our tests. It seems that code produced by Clang 3.1
runs about 8 % faster than code produced by GCC 4.7 (with Malaga backend).


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