[libvoikko] Self contained libvoikko-1.dll for Windows

"Harri Pitkänen" hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Mar 27 19:49:21 EEST 2012

After many hours of unsuccessful attempts at removing dynamically linked
dependencies from Windows dll libraries I have finally managed to produce
a libvoikko-1.dll that seems to work without any dependencies (at least on
Wine). You can download the new libraries from here:


These have been built from SVN trunk and contain some spelling suggestion
improvements. Experimental features such as VFST have been disabled and
the spelling suggestion changes have had quite extensive testing. This
means that if the libraries work they might be suitable even for
production use.

Building these libraries required some nasty manual hacking of linker
command line arguments. All of this has been documented in the Wiki:


Next thing for me is to check if these libraries work reliably from
Python, Java and .Net code. If they do we would finally have something
that a typical Windows developer could use without too much trouble.


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