[libvoikko] Java interface of libvoikko version 3.6.1 ready for testing

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Aug 20 19:20:55 EEST 2013

The next release of Java interface of libvoikko is in release staging and can 
be downloaded from the following Maven repository:


There are few changes that are worth noting in this release:

 - The group id has been changed from "org.puimula" to "org.puimula.voikko".
 - On Linux "libvoikko.so" (the development symlink) is no longer needed,
   having "libvoikko.so.1" is sufficient. Thus you can use the Java interface
   once you have installed the libvoikko1 package, libvoikko-dev (or similar)
   is no longer needed.
 - If the native library is not found the exception message now contains a
   link to a page on our website that contains more information about things
   that are needed to use this interface:


A final note about the release workflow. I think the equivalent of a "release 
candidate" for the Java interface is this staged release at the Sonatype 
repository. If no problems are found, the release will be promoted to the 
Maven Central Repository. After that we will test and release the real 
libvoikko source package. At this point we can still fix bugs in the native 
code but the Java code must not be changed as it has already been released 

This Java release thing can be skipped completely for those releases that 
don't touch the Java code.

Finally thanks to Juha for improving the pom.xml to meet the Central 
Repository rules.


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