[libvoikko] HFST backend is no longer experimental

Krister Lindén krister.linden at helsinki.fi
Mon Mar 18 23:43:34 EET 2013

On 18.3.2013 23:06, "Harri Pitkänen" wrote:
> ma 18.3.2013 21:51 Sjur Moshagen kirjoitti:
>> Nice. One thing crossed my mind: presently only the error model is
>> weighted, the acceptor is in practice unweighted. But I imagine that we in
>> the future will start to add weights to the acceptor as well, as further
>> fine tuning of suggestions (e.g. suggest lexicalised compounds over
>> dynamic compounds, etc). Is this taken into account, or could it cause
>> issues in the future?
> This is possible, but this new format may need its own version number if
> it is not both forward and backward compatible with current format.

At least from an HFST point of view, weights on the acceptor should not 
be an issue when using the HFST optimized lookup format.


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