[libvoikko] More languages in the LO voikko plugin

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Thu May 30 20:13:04 EEST 2013

29. mai 2013 kl. 23:36 skrev Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:

> Thanks! Looks good, I will push these tomorrow.

Here are some more languages that would have been nice to include in the LO Voikko plugin. The additional languages are added on the basis of "languages we know and more or less work on, and for which a spell checker will be very valuable", but we have *not* checked that all the languages are presently covered by the LO spell-checking languages. I have assumed that whatever language the LO Voikko plugin covers that is presently *not* recognized by LO will just be ignored by LO for now, and will be recognized by LO as soon as those languages are added to the LO list of spellchecker languages. I hope this is correct.

I have also added two minority languages rarely mentioned: Danish in (Northern) Germany, and German in (Southern) Denmark, just in case:)


{"bxr", "bxr", "RU"},	/* Russian Buriat */
{"ciw", "ciw", "US"},	/* Chippewa */
{"da-DE", "da", "DE"},	/* Danish in Germany */
{"de-DK", "de", "DK"},	/* German in Denmark */
{"dlg", "dlg", "RU"},	/* Dolgan */
{"fit", "fit", "SE"},	/* Meänkieli */
{"fkv", "fkv", "NO"},	/* Kveeni */
{"gn-AR", "gn", "AR"},	/* Guarani */
{"gn-BO", "gn", "BO"},	/* Guarani */
{"gn-BR", "gn", "BR"},	/* Guarani */
{"gn-PY", "gn", "PY"},	/* Guarani */
{"ik-CA", "ik", "CA"},	/* Iñupiaq */
{"ik-RU", "ik", "RU"},	/* Iñupiaq */
{"ik-US", "ik", "US"},	/* Iñupiaq */
{"iu", "iu", "CA"},	/* Inuktitut */
{"izh", "izh", "RU"},	/* Ingrian   */
{"krl", "krl", "RU"},	/* Karelian */
{"kw", "kw", "UK"}, 	/* Cornish */
{"liv", "liv", "LV"},	/* Livonian */
{"lv", "lv", "LV"},	/* Latvian */
{"lyd", "lyd", "RU"},	/* Ludic */
{"mns", "mns", "RU"},	/* Mansi */
{"rw-CD", "rw", "CD"},	/* Kinyarwanda */
{"rw-RW", "rw", "RW"},	/* Kinyarwanda */
{"rw-UG", "rw", "UG"},	/* Kinyarwanda */
{"sel", "sel", "RU"},	/* Selkup */
{"sje", "sje", "SE"},	/* Pite Sami */
{"sju", "sju", "SE"},	/* Ume Sami */
{"udm", "udm", "RU"},	/* Udmurt */

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