[libvoikko] Not able to build libvoikko on MacOSX 10.9

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer apertium at unhammer.mm.st
Wed Nov 13 10:20:16 EET 2013

Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi> writes:

> On Tuesday 12 November 2013 11:03:33 Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>> I solved the issue by prepending the namespace std:: to the offending
>> function calls (wcschr and wmemchr) .
> I think that is a safe fix although I still think you compiler might be broken 
> somehow. Maybe some parts of it are from Gcc and other parts are from Clang. 
> Have you used ./configure after updating to the latest OS X?
>> I am not very familiar with git, so it is most likely something I am doing
>> wrong. Any idea what it could be?
> To create a pull request you should first create a clone of corevoikko under 
> your own Github account (through the web interface), then "git clone" that to 
> your computer, make the changes, commit, "git push", and create a pull request 
> through the web interface. I wrote slightly more detailed instructions here a 
> few months ago.

Note: github calls it "Fork" when you create an online copy on your
github account that you can clone and push to. So the procedure for pull
requests is

1. Click "Fork" at https://github.com/voikko/corevoikko/
2. Download your fork using the address shown at that repo, which should
   look like
   $ git clone git at github.com:snomos/corevoikko.git
3. git checkout somebranch # or stay on master
4. edit file
5. $ git commit -am "fixed bug number 42"
6. $ git push origin
7. Go to https://github.com/snomos/corevoikko and click "Pull Request"

The pull request stuff is a Github-only thing. The built-in method of
git, if you don't have a repo you can push to, is to do e.g.

$ git format-patch HEAD~2

which creates patch files named 0001-fix-bug-number-42.patch and
0002-more-fix.patch from the last 2 commits, and then you email those
patches to the maintainer, who types "git am -s 0*.patch"

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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