[libvoikko] different output via voikkogc and libreoffice-voikko

Francis Tyers ftyers at prompsit.com
Sun Oct 6 21:17:07 EEST 2013

El dg 06 de 10 de 2013 a les 20:21 +0300, en/na Harri Pitkänen va
> Hi!
> On Thursday 03 October 2013 16:46:16 Francis Tyers wrote:
> > Excellent. I'm going to hold off programming until then. Could you also
> > take a look at the Analysis/HfstAnalysis/FinnishAnalysis abstraction
> > when you do the merge ?
> I just refactored this part a bit. Please pull the latest changes from the 
> branch and see if it still works for you. It might work even better than 
> before as there used to be a hardcoded reference to FinnishAnalysis in one 
> place.

Yes, definitely.

> The Analysis abstraction is right now somewhat incomplete as it operates on 
> Tokens which should be abstract as well. But changing this is not that urgent, 
> I think. And the naming confused me a bit. There is now morphology::Analysis 
> which is the result from morhphological analysis and grammar::Analysis which 
> is a tool for analysing text paragraphs.
> I have made other changes on the branch as well to remove some debug output, 
> fix a few memory management issues and move some of my legacy code into the 
> new class structure (grammar/cachesetup.cpp and grammar/cachesetup.hpp are now 
> gone). If you don't find problems with my changes I might be able to merge 
> this to master in about 24 hours.

I tested voikkogc -d fi and voikkogc -d se and they work as expected! :)

However, when I try to use voikkospell -d kum (or another language
without a grammar checker), I get: 

$ voikkospell -d kum
E: Initialization of Voikko failed: Failed to create checker because of
unknown grammar backend:

What is the right thing to do here? Set the grammarBackend = "null" ? I
just pushed a 4 line change to do that, check it and see if it works for
you :)


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