[libvoikko] Debian packages available for Foma and Hfstospell

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Fri Sep 13 18:30:17 EEST 2013

I have made initial Debian packages for Foma and Hfstospell. The following 
commands should work on any recent Debian based OS:

  $ git clone https://github.com/voikko/debian-packages.git
  $ debian-packages/tools/makevoikkodeb hfstospell
  $ sudo dpkg -i libhfstospell*.deb
  $ debian-packages/tools/makevoikkodeb foma
  $ sudo dpkg -i foma*.deb
  $ debian-packages/tools/makevoikkodeb libvoikko
  $ sudo dpkg -i libvoikko*.deb

These will build and install Foma, Hfstospell (library only) and libvoikko 
with support for ZHFST spellers enabled.

The sources for each package will be fetched directly from the development 
trunk (but you may also specify exact revision, run makevoikkodeb without 
arguments for more info). The autotools branch is used for Foma.

The Debian files are not yet ready for inclusion in Debian. There are many 
things that need to be fixed before that is possible.


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