[libvoikko] grammar checking in libvoikko

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Mon Sep 16 16:34:16 EEST 2013

16. sep. 2013 kl. 13:45 skrev Francis Tyers <ftyers at prompsit.com>:

> Hello all!
> The Divvun group and the university of Tromsø is working on a grammar
> checker for North Sámi.
> The grammar checker is implemented in constraint grammar, built on top
> of HFST morphological analysis. 
> I would like to include this in libvoikko, but have some questions:

Essentially we would like to do the same as we (well, mostly Harry) did with the speller: abstract over the grammar checker backend, to allow alternative backends to co-exist, and at the same time make the core grammar checker code multilingual & language independent.

As Fran wrote, our target is a combination of hfst and vislcg3 (both open source), at least for the linguistic analysis part of the GC (one could imagine something different for things like punctuation control etc. - but I don't know enough about the details to say anything meaningful in that area).


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