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Kevin Brubeck Unhammer apertium at unhammer.mm.st
Thu Sep 19 15:04:22 EEST 2013

Francis Tyers <ftyers at prompsit.com> writes:


> My github username is 'ftyers'. This is the first time I've used git --
> I'm more used to SVN. Is there a way I can just work in a branch ? And
> then we can merge in when necessary ? It's unlikely that I'll be working
> outside of the src/grammar directory anyway.

after checking out the repo, create new branch like this:
$ git checkout -b name-of-new-branch

switch back to master branch:
$ git checkout master

switch back to new branch:
$ git checkout name-of-new-branch

after committing stuff to new branch, upload those commits (creating the
new branch in the remote repo if it doesn't already exist)
$ git push origin name-of-new-branch 

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