[libvoikko] grammar checker loading

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu Sep 19 19:27:20 EEST 2013

On Thursday 19 September 2013 14:34:39 Francis Tyers wrote:
> * The DictionaryLoader and friends classes don't seem to be overly
> friendly to grammar checking. Aside from the name (a grammar checker
> isn't a dictionary, although it may contain one). Should there be a new
> class for loading / setting up the grammar checker ? This would involve
> adding some stuff to voikko_options_t and make a new class to be called
> from voikkoInit() which goes and finds valid grammar checkers.

Yes. Perhaps if you created a class grammar::GrammarChecker with two member 
  grammar::RuleEngine * ruleEngine;
  grammar::GcCache gc_cache;

then you could remove gc_cache from voikko_options_t and replace it with 

  grammar::GrammarChecker * grammarChecker;

Loading the grammar checkers in a separate class might also make sense. For 
FinnishRuleEngine the logic would be

 - go through all previously loaded dictionaries
   * if language == "fi" and analyzer is an instance of MalagaAnalyzer or
     VfstAnalyzer then
       assign grammarChecker =
          new GrammarChecker(new FinnishRuleEngine(analyzer))

> * libvoikko now links with hfst-ospell and not hfst-optimised-lookup.
> hfst-ospell can do analyses, but it means encapsulating everything in
> a .zhfst file, which might not be what we want. Can we link with both
> hfst-optimised-lookup and hfst-ospell ? A further complication(?) is
> that the hfst-ospell namespace seems to be called hfst_ol (this confused
> me at first).
> * These decisions might take some thought, so at the moment I might just
> start with linking with hfst-optimised-lookup and hardcoding everything
> in the new grammar/HfstAnalysis.cpp. We can always modularise it later.

This sounds good to me.


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