[libvoikko] Relation between spelling and grammar checkers

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Sep 22 18:33:31 EEST 2013

On Sunday 22 September 2013 12:23:28 Francis Tyers wrote:
> El dj 19 de 09 de 2013 a les 22:55 +0300, en/na Harri Pitkänen va
> escriure:
> > Now it seems to me that format version 4 would support morphological
> > analysis and grammar checking. This introduces a problem that needs to be
> > addressed: how to handle situations where we have dictionaries of format
> > version 3 and 4 for the same language tag?
> Do you think that we should keep the name dictionary in this case ? I
> know that changing the class name/type would mean quite a bit of
> search/replace code fiddling, but in the long term it might be nice to
> have a name something like "Proofer" or "ProofingEngine" (other
> suggestions welcome).

Perhaps "LanguageModule" would be abstract enough. We do other things than 
proofing (for Finnish at least).

Anyway I think we are stuck with "dictionary" for the foreseeable future. We 
have this thing in our public API (voikko.h):

   * A type representing a dictionary
  struct voikko_dict;

Changing this would be an incompatible change. By using suitable typedefs we 
could start using a different name but still the old name would have to 
remain. And it would be quite confusing to use two names for the same thing.


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