[libvoikko] Oikofix.com (Was: Northern Sami in Webvoikko)

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Dec 9 17:06:27 EET 2014

On Saturday 27 September 2014 16:57:07 Harri Pitkänen wrote:
> On Saturday 27 September 2014 11:59:40 Francis Tyers wrote:
> > In terms of interfaces for online spell/grammar checking I've yet to see
> > one better
> > than the Softcatalà online corrector here:
> > 
> > http://www.softcatala.org/corrector
> > 
> > I'd highly recommend to copy their interface... or maybe they have
> > something which can
> > be used as-is ...
> ...
> But having separate input box and analysis areas is a problem. I will have
> to think about how to solve it without breaking any features. One option
> would be to have two states (editing mode and proofreading mode) and easy
> and fast method for switching between them.

After some thinking and hacking here is the result:


This is still a work in progress. No English user interface yet (that will 
come later) but should be usable already:

- Select "pohjoissaame" (for Northern Sami) from the dropdown.
- Write or paste your text into the big sheet of paper.
- Click "Tarkista teksti" for spell checking (and grammar checking for 


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