[libvoikko] ZHFST, libreffice-voikko and Windows: new test build available

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Jan 28 19:50:55 EET 2014

New oxt extension for Windows is available for testing:


There are no source changes, just three configuration fixes:

 - Libarchive is now actually built with support for zlib enabled. Reading
   deflate compressed ZHFST files should now work.
 - The includes ZHFST speller (sma) is shipped in compressed format.
 - The default dictionary lookup path has been set to C:\voikko. Now you can
   just place your ZHFST spellers under C:\voikko\3, restart LibreOffice and
   start testing.

I hope this will work for you too. Let us know if it does and feel free to use 
it as a basis for stable speller extensions. I believe this might be ready for 
wider use.


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