[libvoikko] ZHFST, libreffice-voikko and Windows: new test build available

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Wed Jan 29 19:38:35 EET 2014

On Tuesday 28 January 2014 21:44:48 Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> 28. jan. 2014 kl. 19:50 skrev Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:
> > I hope this will work for you too. Let us know if it does and feel free to
> > use it as a basis for stable speller extensions. I believe this might be
> > ready for wider use.
> Will there be a similar Linux oxt distro that can be used for stable speller
> extensions? Or should Linux distributions be organised in a different way?

Since libvoikko and libreoffice-voikko are already in most (all?) of the 
widely used distributions it would be too risky to ship an extension that has 
the same extension identifier, uses the C++ namespace and includes the same 
shared library. The end result might be completely random behavior depending 
on which distro packages the user has installed. And the distribution builds 
of LibreOffice may not even be binary compatible with each other.

I have already written initial Debian files for hfst-ospell. I have used it on 
two of my computers for the past five months and the packages seem to work. 
They still need some work before they are ready to be proposed for inclusion 
into Debian:


Anyone can continue from there. I don't have the time right now but might be 
interested in finishing these later.

ZHFST spellers could initially be distributed separately. All you need to do 
is to copy the file under /usr/lib/voikko/3 (or /etc/voikko/3 or 
$HOME/.voikko/3). That should be easy enough to explain even for relatively 
inexperienced user.


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