[libvoikko] Is is possible to specify multiple dictionary paths for ./configure?

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Fri Jan 2 09:36:12 EET 2015

29. des. 2014 kl. 23:20 skrev Moshagen Sjur Nørstebø <sjur.n.moshagen at uit.no>:
>> The change affects the interpretation of --with-dictionary-path (configured 
>> default), VOIKKO_DICTIONARY_PATH environment variable and Windows registry 
>> settings. The path separator character is ; on Windows and : on other 
>> operating systems.
>> I did not actually test this by reconfiguring the library but
>> VOIKKO_DICTIONARY_PATH=/path1:/path2 voikkospell -l
>> seems to find stuff from both /path1 and /path2 so I expect it to work. Let me 
>> know if you find any issues.
> I will.

I configured like this:

./configure --enable-hfst --with-dictionary-path="~/Library/Spelling/voikko:/Library/Spelling/voikko:/usr/local/lib/voikko”

and the paths actually found seems to be:


That is, the following is found although not specified:


And the following is not found even though it is specified:


Then I tried a permutation:

./configure --enable-hfst --with-dictionary-path="/Library/Spelling/voikko:~/Library/Spelling/voikko:/usr/local/lib/voikko”

i.e. with ~/Library/… as the second path in the list instead of first, to see whether there are issues with the first position in it. Result: identical. That seems to point to issues with the path ~/Library/Spelling/voikko - perhaps with the ~ character?

Another question: what is the search order of the listed dirs? Which dir will take precedence if a speller file for one language is found in multiple locations?


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