[libvoikko] Is is possible to specify multiple dictionary paths for ./configure?

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Jan 5 16:21:58 EET 2015

On Monday 05 January 2015 00:40:06 Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> I created a pull request. The new code seems to work correctly on my system.
> It only add the additional search path if no prefix is specified - I
> believe that that is the cleanest approach. If a prefix is given, and one
> still wants the additional search path, one can use --with-dictionary-path
> to override.
> Please test, and see if it works ok.

Thanks! Looks like it works here as well.

> Sorry, I just realised I forgot to update the documentation :(

No problem, I updated it now.


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