[libvoikko] Skolt Sami upper-case bug in libvoikko?

Jack Rueter rueter.jack at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 11:42:57 EET 2015


We have built a zhfst file for SMS (Skolt Sámi), and tested it in
LibreOffice 4.2. One thing we observed was that certain words in the
beginning of sentences were not recognised. Example:

Ǩiõl - rejected by the speller

ǩiõl - accepted by the speller

As far as we have understood, such case handling should be done by
libvoikko, so that the speller fst should only contain lexical case. If so,
this seems to be a bug in libvoikko (or some of its dependencies). Could
that be?

Jack Rueter & Sjur Moshagen
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