[libvoikko] Mozvoikko 2.2rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Sep 6 09:49:44 EEST 2015

Release candidate for new version of Mozvoikko is available for testing:


New in this version:

 * All languages known to Voikko are supported for spell checking, not
   just Finnish.
 * Mechanism for loading shared library dependencies has been added. If
   libvoikko cannot be loaded the extension will try to load the listed
   dependencies and then attempt to load libvoikko again. This makes it
   possible to deliver hfstospell and its dependencies as shared libraries,
   no need to statically link everything into libvoikko.
 * Separete README.user to be included in the xpi extension. Plain README
   caused confusion since it is targeted to developers and claims that some
   platforms are "supported" even if the required libraries would not be
   present in the extension (they are only supported in the sense that
   Mozvoikko JavaScript code would run on them).

Additionally I plan to request a signature for this extension from Mozilla. I 
will wait a few days to let you test this code and report any bugs that should
be fixes before the release. Then I will submit the code for signing. If
changes will be needed to get the signature I will publish another release
candidate only if they are functionally significant. Otherwise I will just
make the changes to the final release.

The idea is to publish both the ordinary tar.gz source code and the signed xpi 
without any libraries or dictionaries so that Linux distributions could use 
the signature if they need it. Developers should also be able to use this 
signed extension on other platforms by placing the native libraries in a 
system directory and/or modifying 


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