[libvoikko] Mozvoikko 2.2

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 17:43:52 EEST 2015

2015-09-19 10:57 GMT+03:00 Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:
> That would be possible. But I would suggest that you would discuss and make a
> long(er) term decision between Ubuntu maintainers, other distro maintainers
> and mozilla.fi people on where the Linux support should come from,
> distributions or AMO. I got the impression that Ubuntu Firefox maintainers
> really would prefer the AMO option even if the user experience was worse than
> it is now.

I'll be back with this later on. For now, the Fedora maintainer waits
on what happens to other extensions in Fedora (they have many more
packaged than currently in Ubuntu). A mozilla.fi maintainer has no
particular opinion. I haven't reached or found yet others like the
SUSE maintainer. Debian will go with whatever Ubuntu does probably and
I'm the likely person to do the uploads. I got the current but
inactive maintainer to add himself to the
https://wiki.debian.org/LowThresholdNmu list so it's easier to do
changes there.

Meanwhile, the enforcing of signatures was pushed back by another
Firefox version so the this week's Firefox 41 does not yet affect the
extension usage.


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