[libvoikko] Mozvoikko 2.2

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Jan 4 16:44:15 EET 2016

On Monday 04 January 2016 10:56:55 Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> I've approached distributing Voikko from user experience and
> out-of-the-box perspective, but I fear this time the user experience
> will simply crumble under the amount of technical details and lack of
> energy from my side to fight the windmills.

I have the same feeling (and agree with everything else you wrote too). 
Additionally it seems very much possible that some of the extension APIs that 
are essential for implementing this extension will be removed in future 
Firefox versions. So even if we did all the work to get this thing signed it 
might just help us through 2016 and next year we would have even worse or 
impossible challenges ahead of us.

Anyway I will continue maintaining the extension, fixing issues that are 
fixable and requesting preliminary reviews for JS-only XPIs as long as it is 
possible and useful for sufficiently many users. That one can be installed on 
Linux and I guess it will just work with any recent distribution that has 
other parts of Voikko installed. So asking users to install libreoffice-voikko 
and then download the signed XPI from http://voikko.puimula.org/sources.html 
should be enough, works for me on Debian at least. I will of course make a 
better download page for that if we want to recommend this to the average 

I also agree that integrating the spell checker in web applications (those 
that actually benefit from it) would be the way to go in the future. Just a 
week ago I was approached by a person who (or whose organization) is 
interested in adding Finnish spell checker to the ACE editor 
(https://ace.c9.io). That is probably not the kind of editor that most web 
applications will use but if they succeed then we would at least have a proof 
of concept available.


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