[libvoikko] Setting up HFST morphology backend

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Mon Apr 26 17:44:41 EEST 2010


I have been trying to set up LibVoikko to use HFST, but have had no success so far. This is what I have done, first trying to get regular suomi-malaga to work:

* compiled omorfi (latest svn, no errors)
* compiled LibVoikko (latest svn, no errors)
* installed malaga
* followed the steps 1-9 in the instructions on:


but that page is fairly thin on installation / setup instructions for the HFST backend.

I thought that I would have at least a working malaga environment, but when I try voikkospell, I get the following error:

a83-245-189-120:suomimalaga sjur$ voikkospell 
E: Initialization of Voikko failed: No valid dictionaries were found

I thought step 6 above would take care of that?

Also, running voikkospell -h (or --help) does not give any useful message, just the same error message.

I'm on MacOS X 10.6, using the latest available sources of all components.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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