[libvoikko] Setting up HFST morphology backend

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Mon Apr 26 18:18:46 EEST 2010

2010-04-26, Sjur Moshagen sanoi:

> I have been trying to set up LibVoikko to use HFST, but have had no
> success so far. This is what I have done, first trying to get regular
> suomi-malaga to work:
> * compiled omorfi (latest svn, no errors)

NB. current omorfi has a few regressions dictionary-wise to e.g. latest

> * compiled LibVoikko (latest svn, no errors)

For voikko you'll most likely have to ./configure --enable-hfst, to get
the experimental HFST backend.

> a83-245-189-120:suomimalaga sjur$ voikkospell 
> E: Initialization of Voikko failed: No valid dictionaries were found
> I thought step 6 above would take care of that?

For HFST backend you can cp ${prefix}/share/omorfi/*
${HOME}/.voikko/2/mor-hfst/ and rename stuff like so:

 ls ~/.voikko/2/mor-hfst/
hyphenation.hwfst  hyp.hwfst  mor.hwfst  spl.hwfst  sug.hwfst

I'm sure I'll change the scheme at least to be more verbose before the
final release, and most likely also more configurable, but this works
with current SVN.

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